Town Comprehensive Plan

Per State of Delaware requirements, during 2018-2019 the Town Planning Commission and Town Council reviewed the 2009 plan to determine what changes or updates needed to be made in anticipation of the production of the 2019 edition. The full 2019 Comprehensive Plan can be found here:

2019 Town of Magnolia Comprehensive Plan

Early on, a questionnaire was sent to town residents requesting their opinions. The summary of those results is below:

2019 Magnolia Comp Plan – Questionnaire Results

The Planning Commission agreed on the following Plan Recommendations, approved the plan, and Town Council confirmed that approval.

2019 Magnolia Comp Plan – Summary Recommendations

2019 Magnolia Comp Plan – Planning Comm Approval

2019 Magnolia Comp Plan – Town of Magnolia Resolution

The DE Office of State Planning Coordination gave their approval.

2019 Magnolia Comp Plan – PLUS App to OSPC

2019 Magnolia Comp Plan – OSPC Approval

The Governor and Kent County government both gave their approvals.

2019 Magnolia Comp Plan – Governor Approval

2019 Magnolia Comp Plan – Kent County Approval

The 2019 plan’s illustrative maps are essentially unchanged from 2009:

Magnolia Aerial View_20181015

Magnolia Environmental Features_20181015

Magnolia Existing Land Use_20181015

Magnolia Future Land Use_20181015

Magnolia State Strategies_20181015

Magnolia Surrounding Zoning_20181015

Magnolia Transportation_20181015