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The Town of Magnolia’s complete early history has been fully documented by local author and former resident Hazel Wright Reynolds in her book Flower of Caroon Manor. Please do not pay inflated online prices for a copy. Interested persons can contact Mayor James Frazier for further information on purchasing a copy directly from the author’s family.


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3.  Sunday, May 26, 2024


By Benjamin Rothstein

Daily State News

MAGNOLIA — When Jacob and Jackie Ferger purchased the Lindale house in 2015, it was unsafe to enter.

Now, after a massive restoration, their six-person family lives inside the 24 S. Main St. residence.

To mark the initiative, The Friends of Old Dover recognized the Fergers with an award, given by the group’s acting president Helene Altevogt on Wednesday.

Member Tom Smith said the couple saved the home from the brink of destruction.

“They keep improving the place, and they literally saved it from the wrecking ball,” he noted.

In addition to the dwelling itself, the parcel features 14 outbuildings, including a chicken house, a water tower and a large barn.

Mr. and Ms. Ferger were able to move their family into the location in 2017, after gutting the interior and completely rebuilding one of its exterior walls. Yet, the unique Queen Anne-style shape remains.

The home was named after John B. Lindale, born near Magnolia in 1864 and becoming a peach tycoon, with 16 farms in Kent and Sussex counties.

His residence, likely built between 1904-07, went on to be recognized for its significance by the federal government in 1970.

“(It’s a) labor of love,” said Mr. Ferger, a veteran originally from New York. “Man, it’s not an easy thing to do, for sure. And it’s gonna take us years and years to finish probably. I mean, we’ve already been here 10 years, and we’ve accomplished a lot. But there’s still a lot to be done.”

He and his wife said the house simply jumped out at them.

“We wanted something with more character than new construction,” said Ms. Ferger, a Dover native. “We wanted something older, and this house was special in a lot of ways. The property and the house — and (Mr. Ferger) always wanted land. So, I kind of got the house I wanted. (He) got the land (he) wanted. It just worked out.”

Plus, some of the construction they took into their own hands. The Fergers specifically mentioned their work on the roof tiles, which they replaced but cut themselves to maintain the original pattern.

And, even though the couple said they are not sure the home will ever be truly done, they are setting their sights this summer on repainting some of the outbuildings and repairing the barn.