Town Council Members

Town Council Meetings:
Monthly Town Council meetings begin at 6:00 pm on the second Monday of each month. Meetings are held at the Town Hall, or across the street at Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company, if attendance requires such.

Mayor James Frazier P.O. Box 222, Magnolia, DE 19962 (302) 943-0934,
Vice Mayor Scott Fowler P.O. Box 169, Magnolia, DE 19962 (302) 335-0575
Council Ashton McLaughlin P.O. Box 71, Magnolia, DE 19962 (302) 387-9995
Council Buck Dougherty P.O. Box 31, Magnolia, DE 19962 (302) 222-2939
Council Barbara Adams P.O. Box 238, Magnolia, DE 19962 (302) 245-7560
Town Secretary Diane P. Cahall P.O. Box 233, Magnolia, DE 19962 (302) 363-1546
Solicitor D. Barrett Edwards IV, Esq. 225 South State Street, Dover, DE 19904 (302) 734-7401
Water Operator Dustan Russum   (302) 853-5203


Date of Annual Election:
Second Monday in January


Annual Town Election will take place January 11, 2021 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company Fire Hall, East Walnut Street, Magnolia, DE.

Two seats with two-year terms each are to be filled.

4.2 Candidate Qualifications.

Candidates for the office of council member shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age, shall not have been convicted of a felony, shall have been a bona-fide domiciliary of the Town for at least one year prior to the date of the election, and shall be otherwise qualified to vote at the annual Town election as provided in section 4.4.1. Any person elected to the office of council member must continue, throughout his/her term of office, to meet these qualifications or forfeit his/her office. The Town Council, by majority vote of its disinterested members, shall be the sole and final judge of the qualifications of its members, and shall interpret and apply the standards set forth in this Charter.

4.4.2 Voter Qualifications.

Any person shall be qualified to vote who, on the date of the election:

(a) is a United States citizen;

(b) has attained eighteen (18) years of age;

(c) has been continuously domiciled in the Town for at least thirty (30) days;

(d) has not been adjudged a mentally incompetent person by a court of competent jurisdiction; and

(e) has not been disenfranchised pursuant to sections 3 or 7 of Article V of the Constitution of the State of Delaware.

Persons appearing to vote shall present government issued photo identification and proof of address. For purposes hereof, a person is “domiciled” in the Town when he/she physically resides within the corporate limits of the Town with the actual intent to make that residence his/her fixed and permanent home; however, any person who is enlisted or engaged in any government service of the United States or any military organization of this State of the United States, which service requires him/her to reside outside the limits of the Town, shall be considered to be a domiciliary of the Town during the period of his/ her service so long as it remains his/her actual intention to retain Magnolia as his/her fixed and permanent home.

In event that no person files or is nominated for office for which an election is held within the limit for nominations set forth herein, the incumbent shall be deemed to be reelected for a full term and it shall not be necessary to have an election for the seat of that particular Councilman.

All voting is done in person and there will be no absentee ballots.

Anyone intending to run for a council seat in the January 11, 2021 election must submit a Certification of Intention form online to the Office of the State Election Commissioner (, sign the confirmation form, and submit a copy of the signed form to the Town of Magnolia, Election Committee, PO Box 233, Magnolia, DE 19962. Letters must be received prior to 6:00 pm on November 9, 2020.