Water Department

Water Mains Project to Begin in May 2021
The Town of Magnolia has received grant funding in the amount of $1.1 million from the DE Division of Public Health for upgrades to several sections of our primary water mains on Main Street and Walnut Street during Calendar Year 2021. Construction activities in support of these upgrades will be starting up in early May 2021 and run through October 2021 and will affect select water main sections on all four primary streets at some point during the project.
It’s unlikely that the contractor, Reybold, will impact all four streets at once, but there will be a period of time where sections of water main on each street will be affected. You may experience traffic congestion and/or water service interruption at various times.
The contractor is required to provide ample notification to each property owner as they work in your immediate area, and they are to return full access of some fashion to each property owner each night.
The Town, the supervising site engineers (Duffield Associates) and Reybold will have scheduled meetings to share info and we will post updates to our website and the Town’s Facebook page.
Be prepared for some traffic and access inconvenience this summer, but the eventual goal is better water service in the Town. Any questions may be submitted to the Town on our website inquiry page [magnolia.delaware.gov] or directly to Mayor Frazier at jrfcrm4@gmail.com.
Thank you.
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Dustan Russum
Water Operator
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