Water Mains Project – Connection Phase

Date Posted: Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Over the next couple of weeks, work on the water mains project will switch over to the connection phase, where individual service connections will be made into the new water mains that were installed over the summer. To do this at your specific address will require that your water service be turned off temporarily until the connection is completed. After that, your water service will resume. The contractor will complete them in a sequence, so you will see them working nearby as they approach your property. As Reybold Construction moves down the streets, they will be making contact with property owners to give you as much advance notice as possible about your upcoming connection. Again, we apologize for the additional inconvenience. Primary construction is scheduled to wrap up by Thanksgiving, with a few additional adjustments and details plus site clean-up being done by early December. Thank you for your patience. […]


Halloween and Trick or Treat

Date Posted: Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

TOWN OF MAGNOLIA – TRICK OR TREAT SUNDAY – OCTOBER 31ST, 2021 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM Have a Safe & Fun Evening NOTE: This applies only to residences within the corporate boundary of the Town.  See Home Page for further explanation. 


Water Advisory Cancelled

Date Posted: Monday, September 27th, 2021

Per satisfactory State of Delaware testing results that were required due to the water incident on Wednesday, Sept 22, 2021, the water advisory is hereby cancelled effective immediately. Thank you for your patience.  Town of Magnolia


Mailings to Town Residents

Date Posted: Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

Town Council is aware of literature being distributed to Town residents by a group calling themselves FreeMagnoliaDE. Like so many items we read nowadays, it is made up of some facts and further padded out with individual gripes and outright false information. While it primarily focuses on our ongoing water mains project, it also includes some other unrelated issues. The members of Town Council, who volunteer their time, and work very hard each and every day to better our living conditions and opportunities in Town, are particularly concerned that residents will not get the complete picture of what their Town government is doing by reading only this literature. As such, we would encourage you to contact one of your Town Council members or Town staff, whose names and contact information are available on our website at magnolia.delaware.gov, to get the complete picture of what your Town Council is doing and […]


Update on Water Mains Project – September 12, 2021

Date Posted: Sunday, September 12th, 2021

The project is now focused on West Walnut Street out to roughly the area of West Drive. Once the new mains are in place, work will shift back to doing the individual property hook-ups into those new mains. Of course, this will be the time when you may experience loss of water service while the connections are being made. Substantial completion of the project is now expected to be around November 20, 2021, with some additional issues being wrapped up by early December 2021. Sometime later in September, Reybold will need to perform an expected 2 periods of overnight work centered at the intersection of Main and Walnut Streets. With the volume of traffic that we now experience, there is no daylight period where interruption of the primary routes would be acceptable. This will no doubt disturb the residents closest to the intersection and we apologize in advance. It will […]


Update on Water Mains Project – 8/27/2021

Date Posted: Friday, August 27th, 2021

The water mains project continues to progress and has moved north to the vicinity of our main intersection. Mains northbound to the Post Office and eastbound to Town Hall will be included in this area. This is a necessary section to address, due to the proximity to our water tower. Unfortunately, work coincides with the beginning of the school year. Traffic will be negatively impacted for a while and the crews will then move westward onto West Walnut Street. The crews are handling the demands of project, traffic and residents as well as they can, and we again apologize for any negative impacts on you or your travels. Work will continue until October and possibly into early November. Please pack your patience. Remember – Temporary Inconvenience; Permanent Improvement! Thank you.


Update on Water Mains Project – 8/11/2021

Date Posted: Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

The water mains construction project has resumed and Mayor Frazier, who has already experienced their activities in front of his house, offers some words of advice: You will know when the digging is approaching your house if you see saw cutting of the street surface, either being done or the thin straight cutlines in the street left behind by the process. Digging and installation will not immediately affect your water service. Once the new pipes are in place on your stretch of road, the service will be switched over for testing and that’s when you may encounter some water outages. They should be brief. Work is generally done between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, so consider leaving for work a bit earlier or delay your return if they’re at your location. If you have to go out, combine your errands to limit your need to get in or out. Your […]


Credit Cards Now Accepted for Taxes and Water (UPDATE)

Date Posted: Saturday, July 10th, 2021

If you haven’t noticed on your recent water bills, the Town of Magnolia can now accept credit cards for payment of Town taxes and quarterly water payments. See the link on your billing notice and submit your payment securely online. No more mailings or drop-offs to Town Hall needed anymore. Of course, you can still submit payments by check as usual if you prefer. If you have questions, please submit them via our online contact form at magnolia.delaware.gov. 7/1/2021 Residents who pay Town taxes by credit card may also edit the amount being paid to receive the usual 5% early payment discount. Once you are on the bill pay page, refer to the invoice to see how much you will owe after the 5% discount is applied. Then, click in the field that shows the non-discounted price. You can then enter the after-discount payment you are making. Enter your credit card […]


Water Mains Project to Begin May 2021

Date Posted: Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

UPDATE: Due to nation-wide shortages of certain construction materials, the start date for this project has been delayed till the beginning of June 2021.    The Town of Magnolia has received grant funding in the amount of $1.1 million from the DE Division of Public Health for upgrades to several sections of our primary water mains on Main Street and Walnut Street during Calendar Year 2021. Construction activities in support of these upgrades will be starting up in early May 2021 and run through October 2021 and will affect select water main sections on all four primary streets at some point during the project.   It’s unlikely that the contractor, Reybold, will impact all four streets at once, but there will be a period of time where sections of water main on each street will be affected. You may experience traffic congestion and/or water service interruption at various times.   […]


COVID-19 Resources for Residents

Date Posted: Monday, February 1st, 2021

We are posting three online resources for residents regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. They are: a. COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet COVID-19 Vaccine Information Sheet b. COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet c. COVID-19 Vaccination Playbook (created by the DE Division of Public Health) COVID-19 Vaccination Playbook


Town of Magnolia Traffic Study Released

Date Posted: Friday, June 12th, 2020

The Town of Magnolia is pleased to announce the completion of its Magnolia Traffic Study. The majority of the funding for the project was provided by the Dover/Kent County MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) with the remainder provided by the Town. The study was produced by the consulting firm Whitman, Requardt and Associates of Wilmington and led by consultants Adrienne Eiss and Jeff Reigner. The consultants kicked off the project by interviewing Mayor James Frazier (for general background on traffic issues, related information contained in our 2019 Town Comprehensive Plan and residents’ sentiments about traffic), and Councilman Buck Dougherty, who focused his responses on how traffic issues have impacted his fire crews at the Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company in his role as former Fire Chief and present member of their Board of Directors. WRA then spent many hours researching and compiling available traffic data on Magnolia and the surrounding area (e.g. […]