Town of Magnolia Traffic Study Released

Date Posted: Friday, June 12th, 2020

The Town of Magnolia is pleased to announce the completion of its Magnolia Traffic Study. The majority of the funding for the project was provided by the Dover/Kent County MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) with the remainder provided by the Town.

The study was produced by the consulting firm Whitman, Requardt and Associates of Wilmington and led by consultants Adrienne Eiss and Jeff Reigner.

The consultants kicked off the project by interviewing Mayor James Frazier (for general background on traffic issues, related information contained in our 2019 Town Comprehensive Plan and residents’ sentiments about traffic), and Councilman Buck Dougherty, who focused his responses on how traffic issues have impacted his fire crews at the Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company in his role as former Fire Chief and present member of their Board of Directors.

WRA then spent many hours researching and compiling available traffic data on Magnolia and the surrounding area (e.g. crash statistics, traffic volume, DelDOT assessments and plans, characteristics of the roadways, etc.) and performing their own onsite observations of the Town’s layout, possible improvements, and current traffic trends.

The draft report was reviewed by Council members and the final report was approved by Council at its  regular monthly meeting (conducted virtually) on June 8, 2020. The report provides a number of action items and discussion topics to reference in the months ahead – some immediate and others requiring additional work and/or funding.

Town Council extends its thanks to the Dover/Kent County MPO and Whitman, Requardt and Associates for their contributions to this report. Council also extends an invitation to all Town of Magnolia residents, as well as residents of neighboring communities, to review the document and forward any comments to Magnolia Town Council at PO Box 233, Magnolia, DE 19962 or to Mayor James Frazier via email at

Magnolia Traffic Study Report_FINAL