Update on Water Mains Project – September 12, 2021

Date Posted: Sunday, September 12th, 2021

The project is now focused on West Walnut Street out to roughly the area of West Drive. Once the new mains are in place, work will shift back to doing the individual property hook-ups into those new mains. Of course, this will be the time when you may experience loss of water service while the connections are being made.

Substantial completion of the project is now expected to be around November 20, 2021, with some additional issues being wrapped up by early December 2021.

Sometime later in September, Reybold will need to perform an expected 2 periods of overnight work centered at the intersection of Main and Walnut Streets. With the volume of traffic that we now experience, there is no daylight period where interruption of the primary routes would be acceptable. This will no doubt disturb the residents closest to the intersection and we apologize in advance. It will be somewhat similar to the overnight repaving projects of Walnut and Main Street that took place in recent years.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Town of Magnolia