Update on Water Mains Project – 8/11/2021

Date Posted: Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

The water mains construction project has resumed and Mayor Frazier, who has already experienced their activities in front of his house, offers some words of advice:

  1. You will know when the digging is approaching your house if you see saw cutting of the street surface, either being done or the thin straight cutlines in the street left behind by the process.
  2. Digging and installation will not immediately affect your water service. Once the new pipes are in place on your stretch of road, the service will be switched over for testing and that’s when you may encounter some water outages. They should be brief.
  3. Work is generally done between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, so consider leaving for work a bit earlier or delay your return if they’re at your location. If you have to go out, combine your errands to limit your need to get in or out.
  4. Your access to the road may be limited even if they’re not digging directly in front of you. Allow for the traffic backups in either direction and be careful entering the traffic flow. Wait for the group to pass and move out to become the new last car in that group.
  5. Contact your neighbors and work a deal where you park on their property for a period of time if you’re impacted and you can offer the same when they’re impacted. It’s even better if the folks are even 3 or 4 houses away as the impact lessens the further out from the dig site you go.
  6. If you want to go to the restaurant or Post Office or school, consider walking there and back.
  7. As it will be in other targeted locations, in the case of South Main Street, the pipes are located primarily on the west side of the roadway, so those homes will be impacted more by the digging, whereas homes on the east side of the roadway will not be as affected. However, both sides are serviced by the one main, so when the new pipes come online, water outages will affect all houses equally.

Pack your patience and bear with us. Thank you.

Town of Magnolia