Trash Cans and Recycle Cans

Date Posted: Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Note to residents that trash cans and recycle cans should be moved back to their regular spots near your residence as soon after collection day as possible. With the narrow streets and sidewalks that we have here, empty cans are dangerous for pedestrians to walk around. It also takes only some adverse weather, such as a snowstorm or windstorm, to push them into the roadways, where they may cause a vehicle accident or become a projectile if hit by a snowplow.

If you miss your collection day, you should wheel the cans back to your residence until the next collection day. Under no circumstances should they be left on the sidewalk. Keep in mind that most trash vendors take recyclables on alternating weeks, not every week. Please familiarize yourself with your vendor’s schedule.

Town staff will push empty cans back into driveways, and repeat offenders will receive citations from the Town. Thank you for your cooperation.

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