Bulk Items and Trash Pickup

Residents should be aware that neither the Town of Magnolia, nor the various trash companies servicing locations on North and South Main Street, East and West Walnut Street, Thorn Street and Jado Terrace, take away bulk or large items for disposal. Examples of these are refrigerators, sofas, dressers, chairs, beds, etc. The Town has no means with which to do it and the trash trucks are usually working with a single driver.

You might consider breaking the item up into smaller pieces, which could then be included in your trash container or spread over a few weeks. Otherwise, it is the property owner’s responsibility (or the landlord if you live in a rental unit) to transport the items to the Delaware Solid Waste Authority facility in Sandtown.

Offering items for sale or free in front of your home is permitted but they should not be left there for more than 48 hours, per Town ordinance. After that, they should be removed or trashed.

Town Council thanks you, and your neighbors will thank you, for keeping our town clean and tidy.